Tellus undertakes research with a range of collaborators in order to maximise the societal and economic benefits of the geochemical and geophysical data. Explore the themes below to see how Tellus data is being used to benefit society.

Tellus Research Call 2015

The following projects using Tellus data have been awarded research contracts from the 2015 research call:

  • Mineral Prospectivity Analysis utilising publically available Datasets and Free & Open Source Software – Aurum Exploration Services
  • Using Tellus electromagnetic and geochemical datasets to improve soil mapping of Ireland – Aurum Exploration Services
  • Spatially constrained Bayesian inversion of frequency- and time-domain airborne electromagnetic data from the Tellus projects – Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
  • An All-Ireland Quaternary Map – Geological Survey of Northern Ireland
  • Geochemical anomaly detection: spatial analysis for improved use of geochemical data – Geological Survey of Northern Ireland
  • Integrated geological-geophysical model for stratiform Zn-Pb exploration – PGW Europe Ltd
  • Development of integrated protocols for the rapid mapping and assessment of metal contamination in intertidal and supratidal environments – Queen’s University Belfast
  • Assesing marine and anthropogenic influences on the terrestrial biosphere strontium isotope budget – Trinity College Dublin
  • Integrated interpretation and modelling of TELLUS Aeromagnetic, Gravity, Radiometric and Mulrispectral Analysis of Satellite Imagery Datasets for exploration and identification of Deep Geothermal target areas in the Midland Valley Terrane. (DeepGeo) – Terra GeoServ Ltd. 

Mineral Exploration



Geological Mapping