GSI Tellus Sample Archive Access Policy and Procedures

The GSI Tellus Sample Archive includes samples of:

  • topsoil (two fractions: <2 mm and < 32 μm);
  • Subsoil (two fractions: <2 mm and < 32 μm);
  • stream sediment (two fractions: <2 mm and < 32 μm);
  • pan concentrates;
  • vegetation and
  • stream water.

Samples may be available upon request to external stakeholders for analysis or study. Availability of samples depends on the quantities remaining in the archive and GSI is committed to retaining sufficient material in the archive to support future national or regional-scale studies.

Applicants must complete the application form below outlining:

  • the scope of the study
  • a list of the samples sought, specified by sample / site ID which can be obtained from the online viewer (;
  • details of the required amount for each sample type;
  • details of proposed sample use, including preparation and subsampling, specifying whether destructive or non-destructive;
  • details of the proposed study, including title, aims, time frame for the work, research supervisor (if relevant), etc.;
  • time frame for return of excess material and data.
  • Any and all results and reports must be made available free of charge to GSI. Should the applicant request that data be held confidential this shall be limited to a six month period.

Applications will be determined on a “first come-first served” basis. Preference may be given to applications that propose the use of non-destructive methods of study.

Mineral exploration companies or mineral prospecting licence holders may not analyse samples in Mineral Exploration Prospecting Licence areas held by other commercial operators without first obtaining permission from the other operators.

Samples will only be made available to applicants under supervision of GSI staff, under conditions to be agreed between GSI and the applicant.

Please note that GSI may make any or all of the results of the analyses available to the public.

Sample archive request form

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