Tellus is using harmonised, systematic surveying techniques across entire regions of the island of Ireland, producing seamless maps for a variety of end-users.

The coupling of airborne geophysics and ground-based geochemistry provides a richness of data which puts Ireland amongst the top countries in the world for the quality, breadth and availability of geoscience information.

Geochemical data


Samples are collected from streams and soil and analysed for over 40 elements and compounds.

Geophysical data


An aircraft flies at 60m taking measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field, gamma-ray spectrometry and electrical conductivity.

Tellus Research


The Geological Survey of Ireland undertakes and funds research using the data collected and makes the data and research outcomes available free of charge online to all.

A programme of community engagement and stakeholder consultation accompanies Tellus surveying, to support survey operations and to ensure maximum uptake of the data for economic and societal benefit.

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