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Tellus is a ground and airborne geoscience mapping programme, collecting chemical and geophysical data that will inform the management of Ireland’s environment and natural resources.

Tellus is undertaken by the Geological Survey of Ireland and is funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment. All data from Tellus are made available free of charge online.

Tellus involves two types of surveying – airborne geophysical surveying using a low-flying aircraft and ground-based geochemical surveying of soil, stream water and stream sediment. Surveying activities for 2017 consist of airborne surveys in Co Mayo and Co Donegal, and a geochemical survey in the central west of the Midlands of Ireland.  Both surveys will be commencing in early spring and will finish in autumn 2017.

To date, Tellus surveying has been completed in Northern Ireland (2004–2008), the border region of Ireland (2011–2013), the north midlands region of Ireland (2014–2015) and most recently the eastern midlands region (2015). Longer term, Tellus aims to complete surveying the entire island of Ireland on a phased basis, completing 50% by end 2017.


The aircraft and ground teams will be operating from spring till autumn 2017.

View our airborne flyers for Co Donegal, Co Mayo and ground survey of the Central Midlands

Tellus ground survey…

Ground survey sample teams are currently working in the Greater Dublin area.  The teams will be collecting soil samples in this area until early April 2017.

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Airborne survey of Co Mayo and Co Donegal is due to start mid-March 2017.  More details to follow soon.

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